When: September 17, 2018

Where: Dan’l Webster Inn, 149 Main Street, Sandwich

Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Featuring: James Coogan, a local historian

Please bring a friend for this Fall kick off program featuring our special guest speaker and author of “Sail Away Ladies,”  stories of Cape Cod Women in the Age of Sail.

The maritime history of America is usually portrayed by historians as a story of men against the sea. Great storms, shipwrecks, pirate attacks, exposure to strange and often exotic cultures, record passages between continents under sail,– these are all part of this country’s sea history. What is not generally known is that many women had the same experiences while accompanying their sea captain husbands on ocean voyages around the world. There were literally hundreds of these “sister sailors” leaving New England ports for long voyages in the 1800s. Their personal journals and letters home recounting their encounters in the realm of  Neptune, add an important and necessary dimension to the full picture of seafaring life. In his award winning book, Sail Away Ladies: Cape Cod Women in the Age of Sail, Sandwich author Jim Coogan has spotlighted the lives of twelve Cape Cod women and their experiences at sea. His talk will take a closer look at these remarkable women who gave up hearth and home to fulfill the expected role of a sea captain’s wife.   

To our event participants, please consider making a donation to Safe Harbor, a women’s shelter for survivors of domestic violence. They are in need of kitchen towels, pot holders, kitchen gadgets, cooking supplies & utensils.